Recording THE LIST’s Score in Prague

We’ve just returned from our trip to the Czech Republic, where we recorded the orchestrated tracks of our original score for THE LIST in a studio just outside Prague. As Kevin and I walked in we were stunned when we heard John’s compositions played by live musicians for the first time. It’s unbelievable to me that we had forty members of the Czech Philharmonic recording tracks for our film. It’s something we’ve never experienced before and I don’t know how we lived without it.

Our composer, John Califra, has really inspired us through the score he’s composed. It’s unified the vision that Kevin and I have had for this project since the beginning. John said it best, “This is about Kirk and what he’s done as an American being [in Iraq]… He represents an ideal of what [America] pretends to be but isn’t.” John’s vision for this score has always been to avoid trying to reference an Arabic style of music in any way. Trying to emulate a certain style, he says, makes it all about the emulation of a “foreign” sound and puts up a barrier between the audience and the film. This story is really about people connecting to people, not just Americans connecting to Iraqis.

Working with Christo Pavlov, our conductor, has been wonderful, and he’s really brought some great insight to the music. He and John have been communicating about the score for a while now and it’s clear that they’re on the same page with what needs to be done. The recording day was incredibly successful and we’re all excited to put the music together with the final cut of THE LIST.

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