To Boston. From Kabul. With Love.

A photo series.

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72 comments on “To Boston. From Kabul. With Love.

  1. Very heartfelt messages and very gratefully received. Thank you so much for your beautiful gestures. Caring and kind people, as you are, exist everywhere in this world. Hopefully, one day, we can all live in peace. There’s been enough hate to last through eternity. Let peace have a chance.

  2. love to see from washington with love..for afghanistan atleast!! GIVE PEACE A CHANCE…
    these aren’t just 4 words..but can make the soil more fertile for human beings to prosper!!

  3. Beth–this is beautiful–it brought me to good tears. Thank you.

    To Kabul/From Boston/With love,

    Emilie Paschal Hatch
    (Your old SYA China travel buddy!)

  4. Thanks to all the people in Kabul for you heartfelt condolences. As someone said in an early post, All we are saying is give peace a chance..It is nice to see people who live in a war torn country respond to a tragedy here in the USA. Thank you again ..People of Kabul..Your country needs peace just like all countries of the world ..May you all be blessed..

  5. Thank you for this, and thank you to the people of Kabul! We love you too! The people of America want the war to stop as much as you do!

  6. Thank you; this is the first thing that’s made this awful week feel better. Can’t stop thinking about that “only three?” line, though. So, along with thank you:

    I’m so sorry. With love.

  7. This is the only website where i found messages of support for the people. In every other website or blog people referred to illiteracy rate in Afghanistan and asked how much the journalist had given the men and women to hold the card. Americans( it seems to be Americans all the time) need to go beyond the myths, perceptions, burka, the Taliban and look at Afghanistan for what it really is. Never has never been an Afghan terrorist outside Afghanistan, we are always the subject of attacks but we are treated as the criminals while others play the victims. I will never forget reading a quote from an American in a British newspaper a couple of days after 9/11, the quote ” we should kill every single one of them” still makes me mad.

  8. Thank you, and please extend the thanks of those of us in Boston to the people of Kabul so kindly giving us this love. I hope that the men and women of Afghanistan have a chance to live peacefully and with joy, and will do whatever I can in the US to make that so.

  9. From these touching photos everyone can see mankind is basically good and compassionate.
    Thanks to you all, from Brazil.

  10. Ms. Murphy, Thank you for creating these wonderful photos,and giving these fine people a chance to express themselves and share what the world has always needed more of….love. We, as Americans, have a lot to learn from the Afghan people. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

  11. Ju flas nga Albania… ngushellimet e mia per familjet qe humben njerzit e tyre te dashur….me respekt Marko….!

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