Reflections from Sahera

Sahera’s husband was killed by a land mine during Taliban rule.

I first met Sahera in 2006 while filming BEYOND BELIEF, and it was comforting to be with her again just hours after learning about the Boston attack. This image of her is not part of the original photo series “To Boston. From Kabul. With Love.” because I wanted to share in a more substantive way her moving reflections about the tragedy and the experience of being able to send a message of sympathy to America.

This is what she said:

We are all creatures of God. It is my feeling as a human being. My feeling for humanity. Because we also suffer a lot in Afghanistan. We see these things happening all the time. And this was my personal feeling – I became very sad when I heard the news on the TV. Also, my kids – my whole family became very sad. These people just went to see the running and this is what happened. As we’ve passed more than three decades of war, I understand this feeling very well. I know the pain of this… I don’t want this to happen to any human being.

Most Afghans don’t want people killed anywhere in the world. And we are very sad that this happened. Those who have done this, we want them to be brought to justice and to have the harshest sentences for the crimes they’ve committed. This is totally unacceptable and not tolerable for any human being. Whoever does things like this, he can never be considered a human. He is worse than a wild animal because these are actions without mercy. It is inhumane, unethical. We witness this in Afghanistan. There is no mercy for our children, our women, or our elderly. They have no mercy for anyone.

Now in Afghanistan it’s a normal, every day thing. We’ve experienced this for so long. For as long as I can remember we’ve had fighting in Afghanistan. Such incidents happen and happen a lot – on a daily basis.

We are very sad for them because they are not used to this. They’re living somewhere where it’s very peaceful, and this event will really shake them… I don’t want any human being to suffer such sadness.

I pray to God that all those who are committing crimes like this that God will give them His justice, and give them the harshest punishment… I am very sad about what’s happened, and feel a lot of regret. We want to express our condolences and our sympathy to the people of Boston and the United States.

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One comment on “Reflections from Sahera

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was very close to the bombings in Boston.

    It touches me deeply that people from all over the world have reached out like this. And Sahera really nails it. My favorite part about the Boston Marathon is that we come out to cheer for everyone. I remember that morning, many runners would run with the flag of their country as a cape. We would shout the name of their country, saying, “go, go!” The Marathon is not just about running, it’s about celebrating the world. The bombings truly were inhumane.

    I realize how lucky I am to live in America where these things are rare. I do not take it for granted. It saddens me tremendously that the pain I felt that day is felt every day in Kabul. Just like Sahera said, I don’t want any human being to suffer such sadness. I wish peace for the kind people who participated in these photos, and for everyone around the world, and will take action whenever I can to help bring that peace which we all deserve. My love to Kabul.

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