Good To Be Back, Kabul. I Missed You.

On our first day back filming WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS, some sure signs I’m not in Massachusetts anymore:

1. This morning’s rush hour experience: watching a truck plow into a motorbike and speed away (as fast as is possible in the chaotic, unrelenting stop-and-go traffic that defines Kabul). A traffic cop gave chase – first on foot and then by jumping into the back of a passing SUV – waving his traffic paddle all the while. No one seemed too concerned about the motorcyclist limping to the side of the road.

2. Having a perfectly normal conversation about slaughtering a $2,000 camel for a holiday meal.

3. Listening to an Italian financial consultant explain why taking on a second wife is “better,” “more civilized,” and “more moral” than having an affair. He began his argument with, “I don’t know how to say this and be politically correct.” Yeah, that’s because it’s impossible.

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