A Daughter’s Poem

Shakira shares her poem “Mother” with her class.

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Being held by her mother when she was sick is what inspired Shakira, a 9th grader at the Zabuli School in Afghanistan, to write her first poem. Shakira was lying down and shaking with fever when her mother knelt down on the floor beside her, and delicately embraced her.

“It was a feeling I had never known, and I didn’t want it to end,” she says. “This was the first time I ever felt physical comfort like this from my mother.”

When her fever subsided, she was anxious to put pen to paper – to both capture and preserve the moment.


Oh my Mother
Nurturing me
I am your child
And you are my greatest love
Oh my Mother
You are my love
You are love’s seal
You are the light at dawn
No life exists for me without you
No sadness departs without you
I cannot live without you
Without someone to guide me
You hold all my secrets
You hold all my agony
Raise your hands and pray for me
Until I achieve my goals
Don’t leave me, don’t be separate
I am always with
I learn from you the ways of life
Don’t leave me, mother
Without you, I am nothing
I worship you to reach my goals
Don’t forget me
Always hold me close
Be with me throughout my life
Until I become an example to my homeland
Until this world and my judgment day are done.
So long as my name is on my mother’s lips, I will be happy.

I think we can all understand why her mother cried when Shakira shared the poem with her.

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