Crew Survival Stories

Enough about the radiation. The crew has survived:

1. Teens firing a pellet gun in the house.

It was no fun when the rain started. So why not just bring the game inside?

2. An attempted boob grab. Pulsing fingers and all.

3. Hoya. Our host spent two days giggling about serving it to us. You can try to dress hoya up with a sweet name like Sea Pineapple or a cute one like Sea Squirt, but one look tells you all you need to know. Even Wieden + Kennedy couldn’t sell this thing.

It’s rare. And should stay that way.

4. The Japanese Giant Hornet. We’d heard the lore, and took the claims to Wikipedia, quickly confirming that this hornet is the biggest in the world. It’s also poisonous. Today, we had our first – and second – F2F with one. Hidekazu Ouchi, who we’re filming for SON OF SAICHI, grew up on a farm and has been attacked numerous times. He told us everything we need to know: 1. You go unconscious quickly. 2. Treatment has to happen within 15 minutes (But wait!! The “city” is 20 minutes away?!). 3. No treatment = Death. calls it “one of the five most horrifying bugs in the world” and writes this: Why you must fear it: It’s the size of your thumb and it can spray flesh-melting poison. We really wish we were making that up for, you know, dramatic effect because goddamn, what a terrible thing a three-inch acid-shooting hornet would be, you know? Oh, hey, did we mention it shoots it into your eyes? Or that the poison also has a pheromone cocktail in it that’ll call every hornet in the hive to come over and sting you until you are no longer alive?

Natural Born Killer. Spotted at the home where we’re filming.

We use this opportunity to announce that we will be doing the remainder of our filming from an air conditioned hotel room.

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