Digging to Argentina

A few things I’ve enjoyed learning on this trip – outside of our filming:

1. Argentina is where Japanese kids dig to in the sandbox. Yuki (our pet for the past two weeks) is anxious to get to South America, too.

He’s not going to China…

2. In Japan – where being the eldest is such a point of honor – the ranking in twin births is interesting. The first baby born is considered the youngest. The baby born second is the oldest. While filming SON OF SAICHI, we met Saichi’s great-grandaughters – twins Miu and Reika. Their mom tells us that even though Reika was born a few minutes after Miu, she is considered the eldest.

Reika (left) & Miu (right)

3. Sushi-go-rounds are about as much fun as you can have at a restaurant. An eating frenzy akin to tossing chum to sharks. And cheap. Every plate is 100 yen (108 with tax) – that’s one dollar. Not into raw fish? Don’t despair. The conveyor belt offers up sushi-sized mini hamburgers on rice. Looking for something made fresh? Just order off the computer menu and a high speed “train” shoots out your selection from the kitchen.

Waiting for the bullet train carrying dessert.

Beth Balaban with our wonderful translator Marion and Hidekazu, Saichi’s son. We’re all proud of our plate collection!

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