Race to Deliver: Novartis Unites to Fight the H1N1 Pandemic

This 35-minute internal documentary captures the fascinating role of Novartis’ critical role in developing and manufacturing vaccines during the first pandemic of the 21st century. Filmed in 5 countries over the course of three months, Race to Deliver highlights how the company came together during a critical moment in the interest of public health. Company-wide screenings (with popcorn served!) were held at Novartis sites in England, Italy and Germany. The company’s CEO and Global Head of TechOps use portions of the film when speaking.

From Billion-Dollar Investment to Ribbon Cutting

When Novartis opened its first flu vaccine plant in the United States, top brass from the company and leading health officials in the country were on hand at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Before CEO Daniel Vasella spoke, a fast-paced, graphically-driven video was played that brought to life the extraordinary investment, talent and public-private partnership that made it all possible.

Annual Meeting for Global Technical Operations and Quality Control

After three long days of presentations and breakout sessions to strategize for the coming year, Novartis’ top TechOps and QC executives were treated to a fun video that captured all the highlights of their annual meeting in Barcelona. The video was shot and edited on-site in three days!

“Vaccine manufacturing is a zero-error business. And that’s why working with Principle Pictures is so ideal—they understand perfection and performance matter. They are able to take complex subjects and translate them into compelling stories… Time and again they deliver on time and with the highest standards.”
–Matthew Stober, Global Head, TechOps

Due to our Non-Disclosure Agreement with Novartis, we cannot publicly share the work completed for them. If you are a Novartis employee and would like to view samples of our work, please contact