Young Survival Coalition

All of the groundbreaking broadcast, educational, PR/marketing, outreach and event films the Young Survival Coalition has used in its 10-year history have been produced by Principle Pictures. The Young Survival Coalition is the only international, non-profit network dedicated to the unique concerns of young women with breast cancer.

“Real Talk” is their most current campaign (2012/2013). “Real Talk,” is an 11-part series of interviews with young adult cancer survivors discussing the unique issues they face. This video “Young Mothers” is an example of the series.

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Fighting For Our Future and You Are Not Alone

Fighting for our Future
You are not Alone

Fighting For Our Future brought the YSC story to life. Broadcast on Lifetime Television (and supported by Roche Pharmaceuticals and LORAD), the documentary served as the cornerstone for the network’s Stop Breast Cancer for Life campaign and was watched by nearly one million viewers. The film raised both money and awareness. This awareness helped the organization to increase its visibility and credibility within the medical community which led to some of the first medical research projects focused on young women with breast cancer. A companion educational program, You Are Not Alone, is distributed by YSC to newly-diagnosed women. The American Cancer Society developed print materials for patients based on both projects and used them to train volunteers.

Breast Cancer Legacy

Breast Cancer Legacy
This Discovery Health documentary focuses on the role that genetics and family history play in young women affected by breast cancer. The YSC uses this film for patient outreach and at national conferences.

The Beautiful Eight

In this intimate discussion, eight young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer share their journey filled with hope, fear, laughter, anxiety and determination to live life to the fullest. Patient outreach and advocacy are the primary uses for the film.

In Living Pink

The YSC’s largest fundraiser each year features a multimedia video designed to inspire audiences.

“Beth Murphy gave us a voice when we had none. By telling our story in such an effective way to patients, doctors, caregivers and funders, she has helped thousands and thousands of people. And she put our organization on the map. Her work motivated people to take us seriously and support us—financially, medically and emotionally. That’s powerful.”
–Randi Rosenberg, Former YSC President