Dividing Lines

Audience Engagement

In the Middle East, shallow or biased media coverage can result in dehumanization and at times even the perpetuation of violence. Israeli journalists rarely report in depth on Palestinian perspectives and vice versa. Because the media so often concentrate on negative events, Palestinians may see Israelis as either soldiers or settlers, while Israelis can see all Palestinians as potential terrorists or suicide bombers. Without a proper context for understanding “the enemy,” stereotypes and misinformation are allowed to multiply and the prospect for lasting peace diminishes.

DIVIDING LINES makes an excellent addition to any journalism curriculum. It sparks discussion of media coverage in conflict zones around the world and sustains an important dialogue that should be ongoing.

If you’d like to screen DIVIDING LINES for your classroom, community group or organization, you can buy a DVD with public performance rights. The filmmakers are also available for post-screening Q&A: info@principlepictures.com


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