Fighting For Our Future


Fighting for our FutureTwo days after her second wedding anniversary, Kelly Douglas was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 24-years-old. Tracy Pleva Hill was feeding her 6-month old son when she noticed a lump in her breast. She was 32-years-old. Roberta Levy Schwartz was 27 when a doctor told her, “Don’t worry. You’re too young for breast cancer.” Kelly, Tracy and Roberta are among the 250,000 young women in America today living with breast cancer. Another 10,000 will be diagnosed this year. Long ignored by medical and research communities, a courageous group of young survivors is determined to make their voices heard, and ultimately, save lives. Aired on Lifetime Television and Hosted by Melissa Joan Hart.

Producer/Director Beth Murphy is author of the companion book to this documentary, Fighting For Our Future (McGraw Hill, 2003). The book received a starred review from the Library Journal and has been published in Mandarin and Hebrew