The List

Audience Engagement

THE LIST is a transmedia impact project that fires on multiple platforms designed to educate, engage and catalyze action among key audiences around issues of war and asylum, humanitarian responsibility, cultural tolerance, and veteran re-assimilation. Guided by a multi-disciplinary advisory board and strategic partners from veteran, legal, media, mental health, cultural, and educational communities, THE LIST is designed to:

  • Create public understanding, dialogue and engagement around issues of cultural tolerance, moral responsibility in war, and veteran issues of post-war re-assimilation
  • Educate high school and college students about the human consequences of war through our partnerships curriculum writers, The Fledgling Fund and Facing History and Ourselves.
  • Engage and energize the legal and legislative communities to bring targeted Iraqis to safety. Specifically, we aim to re-authorize Special Immigrant Visa legislation specifically designed to help U.S.-affiliated Iraqis and Afghans.