The List


Beth Murphy
Director Beth Murphy
Beth Murphy is a documentary filmmaker who has led production crews to all corners of the world, often in war-torn or developing countries in order to focus on human rights and women’s issues. She has produced, directed and written nearly 20 documentary films for national and international media outlets including The Sundance Channel, The History Channel, PBS, NHK, and numerous other international outlets.

Kevin Belli
Editor/Director of Photography
Kevin Belli - Editor / DP
Kevin Belli has worked with Beth Murphy as the Director of Photography and Senior Editor at Principle Pictures for the past 8 years. His extensive credit list includes Sundance Channel’s BEYOND BELIEF, ITVS funded THE LIST, History Channel’s FLYING PYRAMIDS—SOARING STONES, Discovery Channel’s FLU TIME BOMB, Lifetime’s FIGHTING FOR OUR FUTURE, and Discovery Health’s BREAST CANCER LEGACY. Kevin’s work as a DP has taken him to 16 countries on 4 continents.

Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn
Sean Flynn worked as part of the Principle Pictures’ team for 7 years as Producer of THE LIST and Associate Producer and Photographer for BEYOND BELIEF. Currently, he is the Director of the Points North Documentary Forum at Camden International Film Festival and a co-founder of the DocYard screening series in Cambridge, MA. In 2012, Sean was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to research a documentary film and interactive media project about the “slum tourism” industry in Mumbai, India.

John Califra
John Califra
John Califra is a critically acclaimed, Emmy nominated composer. His work for THE LIST is scored for an unconventional instrumental ensemble of 2 flutes, 2 horns, string orchestra, mezzo soprano soloist, piano and electronics. While THE LIST is a story about the Iraq War and, is largely set in Iraq, the score avoids references to Middle Eastern music. This choice came from the composer’s sense that stylistic contrivances would obscure the humanity that lay at the heart of the film’s narrative. The musical language of the score ranges from conventional tonality through non-tonal orchestral textures that are combined with brutal, electronically generated sounds. Structurally, the score derives its coherence through the use of memorable, recurrent themes which carry emotional power and directness. The score was recorded by members of the Czech Philharmonic at Sono Studios outside of Prague. It was conducted by Maestro Christo Pavlov.

Executive Producers
Charles Sennott
Nick Quested

Associate Producers
Beth Balaban
Alyssa Gantz
Nathan Tisdale

Peggy Foley
Bill Ritchotte

Story Consultant
Nina Gilden-Seavey

Audio Mix
Brian Depaul Carey
Dexter Media

Second Camera
Sean Flynn

Additional Camera Operators
Yasser Faisal
Beth Balaban
Nathan Tisdale
Ryan Ferguson
Naiche Sol Chavira

Field Producer in Iraq
Muhammed Faisal

Omar Alwaidh
Fady Mekhaeel
Mustafa Basree
Jennie Ives
Inas Ibrahim

Score produced by:
John Califra

Score recorded at Sono Studios, Prague, The Czech Republic by
Members of the Czech Philharmonic

Christo Pavlov

Mezzo Soprano Soloist
Jana Dvorakova

Orchestral Studio Manager
Karolina Karlandrova

Score transcription:
Christo Pavlov

Orchestral recording Engineers
Pavel Karlick, Milan Cimfe & Mark Wissing

Orchestral score mix engineer
Milan Cimfe & Mark Wissing

Production Assistants
Rachelle Alfred
Kate Alves
Ryan Boekenkroeger
Barbara Campbell
Meghan Casey
Mark Childers
Bill Daras
Brandi Diaz
Delger Erdenesanaa
Jonathan Ehrlich
Sarah Flynn
Justine Frostad
Naeema Kitchens
Natalie Gergely
Lindsey Gordon
Danny Joseph
Kristen Klemarczyk
Yoshi Makishima
Dan McGuire
Scott Morris
Meaghan Moulton
Patrick Mullen
Muzhgan Rasul
Martin Page
Michael-Andrew Pursell
Meghan Seeberg
Ryan Shelby
Joe Sicora
Casey Stirling
Andie Verbance
Katina Vradelis
Ilyssa Walker
Andrew Wollman
Wendy Zhao


HD Colorist
John J. Dowdell III

HD Finishing Artist
Peter Heady

HD Post Production Supervisor
Tim Spitzer

HD Post Production Producer
Jean Lane
Jeanne Sison

Video Technicians
Michelle Ambruz
Joey Borges
John Lednak
Omar Oliveros

Archival Footage Provided by
AP Archive
BBC Motion Gallery
CNN Image Source
Getty Images
United States Department of Defense

Special Thanks
Talal Ajeel
Jerry & Gaye Belli
Shaine Belli
Howard & Mary Brundage
Lisa Barron
Jim & Jane Murphy
Martin Chulov
Bobby Dicks
Anna Feder
Donald Gantz
Eric Gulliver
Julie Gustafson
Ryan Harrington
Dennis Murphy
Isabelle Murphy
Laura Poitras
Neraj Tulli
Holland & Knight LLP
Proskauer Rose LLP
Mayer Brown LLP
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
US Army Office of Public Affairs
The U.S. Army soldiers & translators of Camp Falcon, Iraq
The U.S. Army soldiers & translators of Base Adder, Iraq
Major Alan Brown