The List

For Educators

THE LIST Educational DVD is now for sale. Bring this film and its lessons about moral responsibility and courage into your classroom. The Educational DVD includes a dozen special video teaching modules that were created specifically to accompany the core standards-based curriculum. These teaching modules are also available online (below).

Buy THE LIST DVD here.

To help your students get the most out of THE LIST educational experience, download the core standards-based curriculum and study guide that has been written to accompany the film. Written by Teaching Documentaries (founded by Columbia University Teachers College curriculum writers) and distributed by Facing History and Ourselves, THE LIST curriculum is designed to help explore essential questions and provide discussion resources.

Download THE LIST Study Guide here.

Below are the Video Teaching Modules that are designed to serve as trigger clips for discussion on the themes addressed in the film and curriculum. These can be viewed online here or downloaded through Vimeo.

Trigger Clips – for use in the classroom:

America’s Iraqi Allies On Working For The U.S.

Refugees in Crisis

Moral Imperative & National Duty

The Value of Life

Responsibility & The Facts