What Tomorrow Brings


WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS is filmed in a small, conservative Afghan village that has never before allowed its girls to be educated. Now, for the first time ever, girls in Deh Subz village have their own school – the Zabuli School. The narrative arc of this film plays out over the course of a school year as we follow the stories of three students, two teachers and tenacious school founder Razia Jan. While the girls are learning to read and write, we find that their education goes far beyond the classroom. WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS is a coming-of-age story in which young girls struggle against tradition and time, and discover that their school is the one place they can turn to understand the differences between the lives they were born into and the lives they dream of leading. The story of the Zabuli School, and all those who bring it to life, unfolds at a time when the political and security situation in Afghanistan is rapidly changing. Twelve years after the US kicked out the Taliban – making it possible for Afghan girls to go back to school– the Taliban is staging a comeback. This is a precarious moment in history, and although no one is certain what tomorrow brings, we can feel confident the girls will be brighter and better-prepared because of the love, support, protection, and education they have found at the Zabuli School.

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