“The youth-led movement of people around the world taking action…that’s what’s going to get us through this…and the science says we can do it.” 

– Jonah Gottlieb

OUR FUTURE, OUR FIGHT is a 10-episode short-form film series featuring young environmental activists whose lives have been dramatically impacted and inextricably

altered by climate change. In each episode the featured activist is introduced to a dynamic early- to mid-career scientist whose life work is aligned with the activist’s

specific area of interest. Together they research scientific advances, seek out experts, and travel to destinations around the world in search of greater knowledge and possible solutions — all while getting to know one another and bonding over their shared commitment to environmental conservation.
A co-production of Principle Pictures and the Woods Hole Film and Science Initiative in partnership with The National Children’s Campaign
Director: Beth Murphy
Producers: Patrice Howard
Director of Photography: Ben Pender-Cudlip


‘Our Future, Our Fight’ The Podcast