Our Future, Our Fight

Around the world, there is a growing movement of young people rising up to tackle the most important social, political, environmental, and economic issues of our time. Fueled by anger and optimism, today’s young activists are seeking solutions to the biggest problems of our time, which are impacting their lives and derailing their futures. From gun violence, homelessness and food insecurity to racism, climate change and gender inequality, the issues they’re tackling — and the countries they’re tackling them in — may be different, but their goal is the same: to create a better future for kids everywhere. This podcast is dedicated to going well beyond the headlines and sound bytes to offer personal, in-depth conversations with these emerging leaders, hearing their stories, understanding their challenges and celebrating their victories. SEASON ONE’S ten episodes feature climate activists whose work is highlighted in our companion film series.

The Brave Wave

The Brave Wave is a podcast series (~40 episodes annually) that sheds light on the mental health struggles faced by teens and young adults in order to normalize conversation around the topic and break down the stigma that forces so many to stay silent. Our host is Anastasia Vlasova, a 17-year old high school junior, who herself has worked to overcome mental health struggles. In each episode, she shares her personal experiences and invites others — peers, professionals and parents alike — to do the same.
Executive Producer: Beth Murphy
Producer: Jennifer Marshall
Producer: Jessica Alpert
Sound Engineer: John Perotti