“What a foolish things humans have done here.”

Hidekatsu Ouchi, Fukushima Farmer

Told against the backdrop of the biggest radiological cleanup the world has ever witnessed, SON OF FUKUSHIMA is a deeply personal and universally relevant story about aging, the sacrifices made for family, and the relationship between man and nature.
Filmed over the course of five years, SON OF FUKUSHIMA combines live action and animation for an intimate portrayal of one family with extraordinary ties to two nuclear tragedies – Hiroshima and Fukushima – to reflect on a life devoted to loved ones and land.
A co-production with France-based Marmita Films.
Directors: Beth Murphy, Beth Balaban
Producers: Beth Murphy, Beth Balaban
Director of Photography: Beth Balaban
Animated Sequences: Christian Schlaeffer
Editors: Kristen Salerno, Beth Balaban
Associate Producer: Nathan Tisdale
Consulting Producer: Marissa Miley
Executive Producer: Charles Sennott
For Marmita Films:
Producers: Martine Vidalenc, Emmanuel Quillet
Production Assistant: Anne-Elisabeth Lozano
Administration: Cabinet Quéraux
Distribution: Vianney Monge